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Crackenback on the Alpine Way

One of Australia's Great Drives

Directions to the Snowy Mountains

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By Road

Current Road Conditions

How do I drive on snow covered roads?

Here’s some tips for driving in the snow that may help you navigate icy roads.

  • Drive during daylight hours where possible. Share the driving responsibilities.
  • Do not drive unless visibility is good enough to see the next snow pole on the edge of the road.
  • In poor visibility situations, drive with your headlights on.
  • Travel slowly on snow or ice, braking gently and early. Avoid braking when cornering.
  • Keep well behind the vehicle in front, at least twice the normal distance.
  • A little methylated spirits in the windscreen washer bottle will prevent water freezing overnight.
  • Change coolant and increase the amount of anti-freeze, particularly if vehicle will be left parked overnight in alpine areas.
  • Check all tyres have good tread, including the spare. Bald tyres and icy roads are a combination waiting for a crash.
  • Loose snow chains can cause severe damage to bodywork, suspension or brake lines. Always re-check tension after driving vehicle 20 metres.
  • Keep skis and stocks on the roof – try to avoid having loose items in the cabin of the vehicle.
  • Keep some comfortable clothing in your car for your trip home. Don’t drive in damp or wet foot wear—driving in your socks is better than driving in heavy wet shoes.